About VDHM 2023

The Vedanta Delhi Half Marathon (VDHM) is a renowned event that aims to break records, inspire individuals, push the boundaries of human capabilities, celebrate the spirit of Delhi, and achieve collective greatness. It has become the largest sporting event in the city and has left a lasting legacy by transcending individual achievements and impacting the country as a whole.

VDHM 2022 - Impact Story

In the Vedanta Delhi Half Marathon 2022, we rallied together and raised over 4 Lakhs, igniting a powerful change. With heartfelt gratitude, we commend the runners who went the extra mile, transforming their strides into the purpose for the noble cause of Usha Kiran NGO.

These funds became a lifeline, creating a new computer lab at our study center. Desktops and laptops found their place, becoming beacons of knowledge for the children. From basics to advanced skills, they immersed themselves in understanding the wonders of technology. Online forms were conquered, and competitive exams became conquerable through digital mock tests. Laptops found their way into their homes, enabling seamless online education. Zoom calls connected them to the world, breaking barriers to remote learning.

Our efforts extended beyond, empowering girls from Mihir Bhoj PG College Dadri and Usha Kiran children with digital marketing courses, unlocking new pathways and career opportunities. Moreover, we expanded our team of dedicated educators, enriching the study center with expertise. Through these remarkable strides, our Usha Kiran NGO has impacted the lives of over 500 students, bridging the digital divide and illuminating their futures with quality education

VDHM 2022





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United Way Delhi (UWD), the esteemed philanthropy partner of VDHM. All contributions received via VDHM are seamlessly channelled through UWD, which diligently handles accounting matters and furnishes tax exemption receipts to donors. Unless specifically specified, this process remains unchanged.

Last year, we successfully rallied the support from various NGOs, corporates and individuals in just 45 days to raise an incredible 1.60 Cr for diverse social causes last year. The event since its inception has raised an outstanding sum of 79Cr in total, which is rather remarkable.

This year's initiatives encompassed an expansive array of programs and campaigns, spanning early childcare and development, education and youth success, health and well-being, financial stability, environment and sustainability, disaster response and preparedness, as well as diversity and inclusion. VDHM'22 witnessed the enthusiastic involvement of over 100 fundraisers, 14 corporate partners, 50+ NGOs, and more than 4000 unique donors, all contributing fervently to a multitude of worthy endeavors.



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