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Neighbourhood Woof is determined to tackle the severe man animal conflict playing out on the streets of Delhi with regard to street dogs. Advocating for peaceful coexistence every step of the way, we aim to eradicate Rabies from Delhi, reduce dog bites that threaten the safety of humans, especially vulnerable sections such as children and the elderly and reduce the population of street dogs efficiently and ethically. Encouraging the participation of local residents, caregivers and feeders of street dogs in the stray canine birth control program, we strive to bring modern technology to aid us in better monitoring and surveillance, to improve the quality of medical care and boarding facilities that are available for dogs and finally, to mentor talent at all levels; entrepreneurs, handlers, caregivers, para-veterinarians and veterinarians to help spread the program across the country. Our endeavour is to correct the misconception that this program is not an effective solution to street dog related conflicts, nurturing sustainable cities, safer for both humans and their most loyal companions.

1. The Delhi Dog Census:

Replacing older methods of calculating street dog populations with a modern tool; an app that will allow just about anyone with a smart-phone to contribute to counting dogs they see around them on a regular basis. Our experience and a look at our past numbers will illustrate that local residents, especially feeders and caregivers are extremely efficient at keeping track of their local dog populations. This would prove extremely useful in providing us a more accurate count of dogs in areas that are populated by humans. This would be game changing in terms of monitoring and surveillance, allowing for data driven decisions to be made to improve the overall efficiency of birth control and vaccination drives.

2. The Caregiver's Program:

Countless feeders and caregivers on the street wish to participate in getting their dogs sterilised and vaccinated but are unable to afford it. Sponsor the sterilisation, vaccination and Microchipping of such dogs so that we may cover more animals under our program. Such caregivers bring transparency and accountability to the program and ensure that we maintain good results.

3. The NW Timarpur Kennels:

Having boarded, operated and taken care of over 17,500 dogs our centre is now falling apart . Help us build a centre that would allow us to ensure we follow the compliances laid out by the Animal Welfare Board of India , while doubling our capacity through optimum utilisation of space. This would go a long way in making the centre SAFER for its canine inhabitants as well as their human caretakers.

4. The Red Fort Microchipping Project:

A young man on the Red Fort staff strives to provide food and medical care for 120 odd dogs that live within and around the Red Fort as they are severely neglected and rarely get enough food. Sterilising and vaccinating them is also essential and microchipping would allow for continued monitoring. Enable us to make his hopes a reality.

5. NW on Wheels:

a. A mobile sterilisation unit that would allow us to set up an Operating theatre, sterilising and vaccinating dogs just about anywhere that has access to a road! This would go a long way in our dream to spread the animal birth control program across the country, mentoring local talent along the way.

b. A large ambulance that can house enough humans to conduct efficient catching drives across the city. The vehicle would also double up as a ER clinic on wheels when required.

6. The Neighbourhood Woof Microchipping Program (#TheSNIPChip):

An easy, efficient, affordable solution to better surveillance and monitoring of the ABC program. In many areas where more than 75% sterilisation has been achieved, the population takes longer to decline due to a steady and constant migration of dogs into the area since territories start opening up. This is why monitoring and surveillance is crucial as it helps us target the areas, zone wise so that we keep moving outwards sterilising dogs to reduce rise and spread of the population. Microchipping would be revolutionary in reducing migration.

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Neighbourhood Woof Neighbourhood Woof is determined to tackle the severe man-animal conflict playing out on the streets of Delhi with regard to street dogs. Help this local homegrown organisation achieve this in Delhi.


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Neighbourhood Woof, an animal birth control organization for stray canines, began its journey in 2014 with a vision to address the growing issue of stray dog populations.

Recognizing the need to control the stray dog population humanely, Neighbourhood Woof focused its efforts on implementing effective sterilization programs. With the belief that prevention is key, the organization aimed to curb the cycle of abandonment and suffering that many stray dogs endure.

From the outset, Neighbourhood Woof prioritized the health and well-being of the animals in its care. The organization understood that conducting surgeries in a healthy and hygienic environment was essential to ensure the best outcomes for the dogs. They painstakingly built a team of skilled veterinarians and compassionate staff who shared their passion for animal welfare.

Over the years, Neighbourhood Woof has become synonymous with excellence in animal sterilization. Their commitment to providing healthy and hygienic surgeries has earned them a reputation for quality and reliability. Each surgery is conducted with meticulous attention to detail, maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness and safety.

Through their dedication and hard work, Neighbourhood Woof has achieved an incredible milestone - sterilizing an impressive 15,640 dogs to date. This accomplishment has had a significant impact on the stray dog population in the communities they serve. By preventing the birth of countless puppies, Neighbourhood Woof has contributed to reducing the strain on limited resources and improved the overall welfare of the animals.

Neighbourhood Woof understands that their mission extends beyond sterilization alone. They actively engage in community outreach and education programs, aiming to raise awareness about responsible pet ownership and the importance of animal birth control. By empowering individuals with knowledge, they hope to foster a culture of compassion and accountability towards stray canines.

With each passing year, Neighbourhood Woof continues to inspire hope and make a positive difference in the lives of stray canines. Their unwavering dedication to their cause and their reputation for healthy and hygienic surgeries have solidified their position as a leading organization in the field of animal birth control.


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