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The overall goal of Cuddles Foundation is to reduce the number of patients who discontinue treatment, by providing nutrition aid and counselling to children fighting cancer.

Our ask is for your generous support to make a lasting impact on the lives of children battling cancer. Your contribution will help provide holistic nutrition support, including nutritional supplements and ration aid to these children ensuring they have a chance at a cure!

Food makes the medicine work, keeps families in treatment, keeps parents’ home, and ensures reduced risks to the child and gives better immunity to fight cancer.

The funds raised through VDHM 2023 will be used to provide nutritional supplements and ration aid at our partner hospitals.

Thank you for considering our appeal and lending your unwavering support.


Help us raise funds for our specific needs.

FoodHeals Program Cuddles Foundation is the singular NGO in India with a mission to deliver holistic nutritional support to underprivileged children grappling with cancer at Government/Charity Partners.


A big thank you to all those who have donated on this page.


Childhood cancer can be cured. But for children in India, it’s a very different story. Lack of access to timely treatment and malnutrition among those seeking treatment makes survival difficult for children. ~76,000 adolescents (age 0-19) may develop cancer every year in India of which ~ 40% are malnourished at diagnosis. Malnutrition has a serious impact on cancer treatment, because treatments like chemotherapy may lead to side effects, complications, risk of infections etc. Studies have shown that the survival rate increases to 70% when treatment is multidisciplinary including nutrition.

The dismal survival rates and a lack of focus on nutrition gave birth to Cuddles Foundation in 2013.
Since inception, we have partnered with government and charitable cancer hospitals that cater to underprivileged children to provide them with nutritional support during their treatment.
Till date, we have partnered with close to 40 hospitals across 20+ cities in India. We place highly trained nutritionists in these hospitals who not only counsel the patients, they provide a diet plan and all the food and nutritional aid required which aims to give every cancer afflicted child a chance to build immunity, strengthen the body in order to significantly improve their chance of surviving the disease.


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