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Men Welfare Trust (MWT) works towards upliftment and empowerment of Men by helping them get a life of dignity with Social Justice. We, through our online assets, helpline and volunteers help Men and their families who are struggling to survive being caught up in direct line of fire of #LegalTerrorism. We conduct regular seminar #Hope4Men to impart knowledge to men fighting matrimonial cases. We regularly collaborate with other NGOs working for the upliftment of children especially boys. We also provide trainings to organisations for Workplace Sexual Harassment Laws, in a way to be able to get the male employees work honestly without thinking much about false workplace harassment complaints. Our Helpline 8882498498 gets close to 4000 calls every month thus making it the biggest Men Distress Helpline globally. It is manned by about 100 volunteers across India and is run by MWT and it's brother NGOs. We also provide our submissions and perspective in the law making process, which effect or connect with any gender discussion. We also file and defend PILs which effect men, based on their gender. Our agenda is straight forward, bring Gender Equality by changing "Man" or "Woman" with "Person" & changing "Husband" or "Wife" with "Spouse" in every law AND to create a National Commission for Men & Ministry for welfare of Men on the lines of NCW & WCD.


Help us raise funds for our specific needs.

Operations & Expansion of Helpline for Men - 8882498498 India's largest men's helpline, receiving 4-5k calls monthly, must expand its reach aiding men and their families facing false cases, domestic violence, suicidal thoughts, and more. Help us help them.
Survey & PIL for Domestic Violence on Men We need to conduct a countrywide survey for Domestic Violence on Men. DV on Men is ignored by law. Survey targets to collect real data & file PIL to get suitable changes in the current DV Law.
Unearthing Male Rape & Law Changes To collect the data of male victims of Rape/Sexual Assault by women. Help us in getting rape laws gender neutral enabling male victims to have equal protection by law that the constitution guarantees.
Legal Seminars (#HopeForMen) To conduct regular legal seminars to impart knowledge & spread awareness on intricacies of laws for men & their families who are victims of misuse of gender-based laws in India.
Marital Rape - PIL in Honourable Supreme Court A draconian, lopsided & prone to misuse Marita Rape Law is on its way via PILs by some radical groups. Support us to prevent potential legal misuse in the name of justice.


A big thank you to all those who have donated on this page.

Vivek Malhotra
Naveen Kumar
Anil Chawla
Nishi Kumar Jain
Neelesh Kumar


Registered NGO in New Delhi, Men Welfare Trust (MWT) works for safeguarding the interests of those Men who have been implicated in false cases because of the gross misuse of gender based laws. MWT has been involved in several intervention petitions opposing prospective Marital Rape Law. NGO, which is managed by India’s leading Men’s Right Activists, provides free and selfless help to Men and their families who are victimised by the misuse of gender biased laws such as false IPC 498A, Rape, Sexual Harassment, Domestic Violence and other cases of similar nature. MWT and its volunteers have provided brotherhood support to lakhs of Men & families in distress who have been victims of false cases which are filed to cash in and extort from a failed relationship, defame and shame the men and settle personal scores. Members of MWT are also actively engaged in various other activities like research, documentation and publication on men’s rights issues, and regularly appear on India’s leading national news channels.


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