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Nearly 2.1% of the Indian population comprises individuals with disabilities and are vulnerable because of their dependency on their family members and other stakeholders in our communities as they face poorer health conditions, inadequate access to resources, and lower education accomplishments. While the whole society makes efforts for these individuals but fails to completely accommodate them.

To make PWDs' lives more fulfilling with financial stability and better livelihood opportunities, Maya CARE Foundation aims to empower individuals with disabilities by training and skilling them under Project Bindu.
Project Bindu is operational across India, and it trains PWD via online sessions to make them skilled in technical back-end work that they can support in the fields of HR, Accounting and Data, Marketing & Finance.

Project Bindu amalgamates with the main objective of the Maya CARE Foundation of reaching out to lonely & dependent elderly people, and helping them with convenience, independence, and happiness while continuing to live in their own homes with family members. Under this initiative, the individuals trained under Project Bindu help volunteers in back-end technical work and help them to reach efficiently to elderly in need with the required timelines and details.

We appeal to you to help us raise funds to:
Support PWD in gaining skills and creating an independent and financially stable livelihood.
Support PWD by helping volunteers to serve elderly individuals in need.

Help us in supporting PWD and elderly lives in need.


Help us raise funds for our specific needs.

Project Bindu Support PWD in gaining skills and creating an independent and financially stable livelihood.
Project Bindu & Serving Individuals Support PWD by helping volunteers to serve elderly individuals in need.


A big thank you to all those who have donated on this page.

Naman Dhingra
Pushkar G Chaugule
MAHESH Sadashiv Kulkarni
Sandeep Goyal
Suresh goyal HUF
Shafique Khan
Savita Rani
Akshay Rai
Indu Puri
Raju Choudhary
Sultana Shaha
Pallavi G Kulkarni
Suraj Garg
Anu Jain
Minoti Desai
Priya Goyal
Kumar Tanksale
Jaymala Parab
Yash Sharma
Garima sharma
Nakul garg
Asha joshi
Yenugula Jaya Kishore
Shelly saxena
Zoya Khan
Asha joshi
Dilip Niboriya
Nisha bharti
Vidhi Makhija
Roopram Meena
Sandeep Kumar
Ayush garg
Vikram Subhash Mali
Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited


At Maya CARE, we have set ourselves audacious goals: 1. A helpline available in every spoken language of the world and this helpline managed by a person with a disability in each country. 2. A leadership and 90% of paid work at Maya CARE managed by persons with disability. 3. The financial resources to offer competitive salaries and career paths to this team. Since 2009, Maya CARE has conducted 20,000 free visits offering intellectual, emotional, medical, and logistical assistance to the elderly. Services are available in 72 Indian and 4 UK cities with supporters' groups across the world. Currently, over 300 persons have got a livelihood through Maya CARE. More than 1000 PWD's lives are transformed. Project Bindu ( means “focus” in Sanskrit). Project Bindu mobilizes persons with hearing, visual, locomotor, neuro-motor, and learning disabilities with limited education/no work experience or skills, offers an intense training/mentoring program, and transforms them into professionals.


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