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The transformation in Education Sector is enabling innovations in Teaching Curriculum and
Methodologies. According to data release by Unified District Information System for Education in
Academic Session, 78 % of Indian Schools do not have Internet Facilities and more than 61 % of Schools do not have functional computers. While Virtual Education Platforms are making learning accessible to students across geographical boundaries, it is essential to ensure access to the supporting infrastructure that enables education to continue.
In view of the above facts and figures Ushakiran has pledged to develop Educational Infrastructure of students from remote communities and slums of Noida. The proposed campaign aims at achieving the following objectives:
 To develop Basic Educational Infrastructure where students from Marginalized communities are able to access Remedial Education, Life Skills Education Digital Education. The educational
infrastructure will include well ventilated classroom equipped with Computers, Laptops, proper
lighting facilities, power backs up, availability of cooler during summers, separate toilets for
girls and boys and a well developed library.
 To develop curiosity of children in concept driven subjects such as Mathematics, Science,
Physics and Chemistry through modern learning tools which effective use Information
 To enable students to access wide range of Digital Resources like Audio Books, E book, Visual
resources which in turn will expand their horizons of learning and development Our campaign at Vedanta Delhi Marathon is aimed at achieving the following milestones.
 Procuring a Mobile Education Van which will travel in remote locations and implement the
concept of “Providing Life Skills on Wheels”. This outreach strategy will enable Ushakiran to
cover large distances and provide remedial education and life skills to maximum number of
beneficiaries in minimal time and making best use of resources. During the day time Digital
Education will be provided by travelling through Mobile Education Van and in the evening Life
Skills Education and Remedial Education will be provided.
 Developing appropriate educational infrastructure wherein technology will be used to improve
the learning outcomes of students. This will be done by equipping the Ushakiran Study Centre
with, optimum availability of Computers, Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, Projector, Scanner and
appropriate software.
 Harnessing the Digital Skills of Students through modules and curriculum which use latest
technologies , software and applications and in the process enabling the students to prepare for
employability and entrepreneurial opportunities.
 Creating a cadre of Life Skills Teachers and Trainers who will be responsible for delivering high
quality training to a diverse group of students from marginalized backgrounds.

We request you to join hands with Ushakiran at Vedanta Delhi Half Marathon 2023 and support our Campaign - “Building Educational Infrastructure for Marginalized Children” which will aim at supporting every underprivileged child in and around Noida to realize the dream of accessing educational and learning opportunities through effective use of digitally assisted Educational Infrastructure.


Help us raise funds for our specific needs.

SHIKSHA Procuring an Educational Van will travel in remote locations and implement the concept of “Providing Life Skills on Wheels”. This will enable providing education and life skills to max beneficiaries.


A big thank you to all those who have donated on this page.

Jyoti Sharma
Girish Sharma
Desh Deepak Sharma
Rita Dewan
Vikas Bhalla
N K Goel
Megha Saxena
Abhishake Verma
Dev Ashish Saxena
Megha (On Behalf of Dhruvesh Ranpura)
Vishal Verma
Rajeswari Damania
Rajeswari Damania
Alok Gupta
Rajesh Churi
Vansh Arora
Rakesh Malhotra
Ajay Malhotra
Siddharth Sharma
Asha Angras
Megha Batra Jairath
Smriti Parashar
Kumud Dubey
Dhruva Chauhan
Manish Newalkar
Gopal Das Agrawal
Harvinder Singh Sodhi
Akash Agarwal
Rumit Shah
Aman Gupta
Viivek Sharma
Amit Chauhan
Jaideep Kate
Lovelesh Kakani
Nitin Narkhede
Rakesh Kumar Sharma
Madhu Chauhan Routray
Harishchandra Pandey
Amit Agarwal
Kapil Birla
S.J. Chemical Industries
Anshuman Dixit


Ushakiran began in 2016 and its aim is to enable children from urban slums and other vulnerable communities to live a life of dignity by providing them with quality education and skill development opportunities for their holistic development. It envisions a society where no child is deprived of all-rounded education due to poverty.

UshaKiran appeals to support our project Shiksha & Skilling through Digital Literacy to impact lives in need.

Skilling through Digital Literacy will help us to build and operate a computer lab where 500+ individuals will get hands-on digital literacy and inculcate habits and skills that can help them procure better vocational and livelihood opportunities.

Project Shiksha will help marginalised school children to have education, nutrition and other amenities essential in the formative ages of learning through school.

UshaKiran intends to create a bright future for these deserving children by undertaking a number of initiatives:
- Prepare the children for school admissions
- Provide uniforms, fees, books etc
- Daily remedial classes by subject experts
- Workshops, training, lectures and interactive sessions by experts
- Setting up a Nutri Garden
- Launched an e-library
- Shubharambh project: Underprivileged girls and women of villages were given training in sanitary pad making. These sanitary pads were distributed free of cost among women of farmer communities, housemaids, and cleaning staff of the NOIDA Authority
- Create awareness and worked towards Health, nutrition and sanitation of the children
- Provided bicycles to 150 underprivileged children to commute
- Boost creativity by promoting art & craft, dance, and singing
- Promote sports and physical fitness
- Computer education
- Skill development
- Parents counselling


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