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United Way India is fundraising for the below mentioned projects, and our objectives and the result we would like to achieve is given below. Every donation matters and you can help us to make a measurable difference in the targeted beneficiaries in communities across India, empowering them to be healthier, stronger & better and economically independent.

1. PROJECT SWAHAR-Nutritional support for #children #pregnant #lactating women & #elderly citizens by promoting #millets as healthier food option.Duration:1yr,Project Cost: 19.20 lakhs

2. #WASH Intervention in Schools & #QualityEducation.Duration:1Yr,Project cost:52.80 lakhs

3. PROJECT GARIMA-Financial Empowerment, Skilling of #LGBTQI & #PeopleWithDisability, promoting #gender #diversity and #inclusion.Duration:1 yr,Project Cost:32 lakhs

4. PROJECT PEELI BATTI #SolarElectrification for #clean energy in #rural #peri-urban communities.Duration:06 mos,Project Cost:67.50 lakhs for 125 households

5.#DigitalEducation in schools through # STEMlabs,#DigitalClassroom,#TinkeringLabs.Duration:1Year, Project Cost:19 lakhs for 2 Labs

6. PROJECT SAMPANN #Empowering women & youth through skill building for financial inclusion. Duration:9 mo to 1Yr, Project Cost:42 lakhs

7. #Clean-up Drives-sustainable environment, building community ownership.Project Cost:2.3 lakhs for 4 Drives

8.#Preventive & #PalliativeCare via #health camps, providing health kits.Duration:1Yr Project Cost:19 lakhs

9. #Clean-up #Green-up India- #plantation drives. Duration: 2 yrs Project Cost: 30 lakhs

Your support can make this happen.


Help us raise funds for our specific needs.

SWAHAR Program works towards providing access to nutritious and millet-based food to children, women and Elderly through supply of traditional and healthy food packets that include millets.
WASH Intervention in Schools for Everyone, WISE Creating WASH Platforms, accessible toilets in Schools promoting inclusive quality education and health among students
GARIMA Financial Empowerment & Skilling of Special Population groups including LGBTQIA+, People with Disability etc to lead a dignified life and promoting gender diversity and inclusion.
PEELI BATTI Solar Electrification for clean energy in rural & peri-urban communities and help them in better livelihood opportunities, continued education & preventing urban migration.
Digital Education in Schools Strengthening government run schools by infusing experiential learning by setting up simulating classrooms like supporting set up of science labs, Digital classroom, Tinkering Labs.
PROJECT SAMPANN Empowering women & youth through skill building for financial inclusion and breaking barriers to economic exclusion for women and young entrepreneurs in India.
Clean-up, Green-up India Program Works towards enhancing cleanliness and waste management. This program involves systematic and regular clean-up efforts in building sustainable environment and building community ownership.
Swasthya: A preventive and palliative care health program Swasthya aims at providing palliative and preventive care by providing awareness, conducting periodic health and vaccination camps, distribution of kits and building capacities among beneficiaries.
Green Initiative India Promoting plantations in the urban areas making resilient green communities.


A big thank you to all those who have donated on this page.


United Way India works for the health, education, and financial stability of every person in every community along with programs for environment sustainability, disaster relief and rehabilitation and for promoting diversity and inclusion.

We bring together individuals, communities, and organizations to improve lives across India by giving, advocating, and volunteering.

As part of the United Way Worldwide network, we bring a global perspective into everything we do — be it increasing access to healthcare or providing education for all.

Our mission is to improve lives by mobilizing the caring power of communities around the world.


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