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Be a Lifesaver: Support Unnati Maternal and Child Health Project Today
In the heartlands of Turekela and Khaprakhol blocks, Balangir district of Odisha, a silent struggle persists. Maternal and infant mortality rates haunt these communities, as lack of awareness and limited healthcare access take their toll. The Unnati Maternal and Child Health Project stands as a beacon of hope amidst this challenge. EFICOR team to empower families with vital knowledge and amplify access to critical healthcare services. We're confronting this issue head-on through targeted antenatal and post-partum care efforts and bolstering facility-based services.
But we can't do it alone. We need your hand in this vital mission. By contributing to Unnati, you become a partner in rewriting the narrative for these mothers and children. Your support enables us to reach more families, provide crucial education, and ensure timely medical care. Together, we can break the cycle of despair and ensure healthier futures. Join us today, and let's sculpt a brighter, healthier tomorrow for Balangir's mothers and infants. Your generosity is their lifeline.


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Empowering Mothers, Enriching Lives: Unnati for Health EFICOR's Unnati Program extends beyond a project; it's a movement fostering healthier futures, touching lives, and raising awareness in the Balangir District of Odisha.


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EFICOR is a national non-profit service organization established in 1967, operating across 15+ states in the domain of Livelihood and food security, Public health, Humanitarian Response and Disaster Risk Management Response, Sustainable Environment, Anti-Human Trafficking, Urban Resilience, Peace Building and facilitate capacity building of the community-based organization (CBOs) Women's Groups and Youth Group in underserved areas.


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