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Every child deserves the embrace of a beautiful home and family, as they are entitled to a nurturing environment. A family serves as the cornerstone for a child's holistic growth, paving the way for their eventual strength and equilibrium as adults.

When a young life is abruptly separated from its familial abode, Prayas JAC Society steps in gracefully, enfolding the child within its protective and appealing embrace. We provide them with enriched nourishment, akin to fertile soil, to facilitate their resurgence and transformation into resilient adults. Our guiding motto is the journey "From darkness to light!"

We wholeheartedly acknowledge the distinctiveness of each child, recognizing their need for individualized care. Our primary mission revolves around furnishing children with education tailored to their skills, alternative learning options, and developmental support. Our aim encompasses not only the restoration of their lives but also the enhancement of their overall well-being. This encompasses physical health, mental well-being, emotional equilibrium, and social progress.

Our approach involves enrolling our children in reputable schools, furnishing them with academic reinforcement, and actively promoting their participation in extracurricular pursuits like Art, Music, Dance, Sports, and Yoga. Collaborating with trained mental health professionals, we also provide counseling to ensure the emotional soundness of our children.

A pivotal role is played by long-term volunteers who not only provide guidance and emotional support to the children but also diligently oversee the quality of care delivered by our caregiving staff.

Since 1988, Prayas has been steadfastly dedicated to offering stability, protection, and a nurturing haven to these vulnerable young souls through various programs. As of July 2023, more than 275000 children have been lovingly nurtured and uplifted across multiple centers in 10 Indian states.

How You Can Extend Your Support
1. INR 5,000/-(per month) include Alternative Education, Coaching/Tuition,Vocational Training, Nutrition/Food, Clothing, Health, Shelter/Home and Recreational activities.
2. INR 3,000/-(per month) include Alternative Education, Clothing, Health, Shelter/Home, Nutrition/Food and Recreational activities.
3. INR 2,000/- (per month) include Alternative Education, Health, Nutrition/Food and Recreational activities.

Join us in the Vedanta Delhi Half Marathon 2023, as we rally under the banner of #RunToProtect and #SmilesForMiles. Let's collectively run and care, extending a deserving share of our compassion to the children of Prayas JAC Society.

Prayas JAC Society is duly compliant with 80G, 12A, and CSR Form 1 regulations.


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Rabi Raj


Prayas, established in 1988, emerged from a devastating fire in Delhi's Jahangirpuri slum that left numerous families homeless. Focusing on the traumatized children affected by the disaster, Prayas aimed to restore normalcy and provide rehabilitation. Around the same time, while serving as Deputy Commissioner of Police for Crime & Railways and In-Charge of the Missing Persons Squad, the need for a facility to assist homeless and vagrant children found by the Delhi police became evident. To address this issue, Prayas Juvenile Aid Centre was established in August 1989 as a society with support from the Delhi Police, Delhi School of Social Work, and Shramik Vidyapeeth. Currently serving 50000 people (women, children, and youth) throughout 262 centres across 9 states. The Prayas JAC Society stands as a pioneering beacon of hope on India's path towards safeguarding child rights and ensuring their protection. With an impressive legacy of 34 years marked by unwavering dedication and tireless efforts, Prayas has emerged as a well-known and transformative force among NGOs committed to this noble cause.
Throughout their journey, Prayas has showcased an unmatched commitment to establishing a secure, nurturing, and empowering environment for every child. Their comprehensive approach, spanning advocacy, education, healthcare, and social support, has not only elevated the lives of innumerable vulnerable children but has also sparked inspiration for other organizations and individuals to unite for this vital mission.


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