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Many of us take for granted the feeling of safety that stems from being part of a family and having a home. There are many children for whom the sense of ‘belonging’ and the security thereof is not only absent, but the concept itself is alien.
For those who have been orphaned or abandoned by their parents and primary caregivers, life comes with additional challenges that most of them are ill-equipped to deal with. When basic needs such as food, shelter and care are not met, the emotional, physical and psychological deprivation pushes children into a life where their safety is compromised.
With the vision of ‘Shedding light in the darkest corners’ and following the philosophy of love, happiness and kindness, Samarpan Foundation established two Homes for abandoned and orphaned boys and girls respectively, in the year 2009. The objective of the Homes is to provide for the children a sense of family, and a place that they can call their ‘Home’.
Recognizing the need for individual care for a child’s holistic development, Samarpan Homes have a maximum capacity of 12 children in each home to ensure that each child receives personalized attention.
All the children are enrolled in mainstream schools and receive quality education. Regular medical check-ups for physical health, accompanied by counselling support for mental health, are also provided for them. Participation in extra-curricular activities, recreational activities, exposure/ educational trips, and excursions are given significant importance at the Foundation as these help the children grow into confident individuals.
Through your support, we can provide better for these children. Please contribute towards providing quality education, healthy diet, and physical and psychological well-being for them to become the best versions of themselves and contribute to society.


Help us raise funds for our specific needs.

Support us in accomplishing our goal to provide a better life and a 'Home' to vulnerable children Every person that donates builds the path for a vulnerable child to reach a safe space and further develop holistically. Join us and be a part of change!


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Samarpan Foundation is a not-for-profit charitable trust, established in September 2006, in New Delhi. We work to provide assistance where there is a humanitarian, ecological, environmental, and/ or animal welfare need. We are a community of outward-focused volunteers, guided by the principle of doing what needs to be done to achieve the greatest good for the greatest number.

Vision: Shedding light even in the darkest corners
Mission: Changing the universal consciousness by opening minds and hearts
Philosophy: Love, peace, happiness, kindness, simplicity, and clarity


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