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Do you know that most lifestyle diseases – like diabetes, obesity and heart problems – can be stopped right at the start just by eating healthy and nourishing food? It seems simple, yet Indian children are becoming victims of diseases unknown to our ancestors. Over 50% Indian adolescents are short, thin, overweight or obese, and over 80% suffer from micronutrient deficiency (UNICEF, 2019). School-going children are suffering from diseases like diabetes and hypertension.

This problem is caused because Indian children are not eating right. Children and parents, especially from poor backgrounds, do not have the right knowledge on eating healthy. At the same time, junk food from outside comes at a very low price, but nutrition seems expensive. People lack the knowledge on how to make healthy and tasty food within their budget.

So what can we do about it? We can change this situation just by empowering children with the right knowledge and practices so they choose healthy food. Our nutrition programs are already bringing a change! For example, a 14-year-old girl from an urban slum who did not like milk is now consuming milk daily. A 13-year-old boy has stopped skipping his meals. Another 13-year-old girl who used to thrive on samosas and chips is now making her own tasty salads and even convincing her family members to eat it. These small steps have the potential to give birth to a new India – an India which is healthy, nourished and strong.

We want to empower each and every underprivileged child with the knowledge and tools to start their journey of good health. Can you help us?

We want to raise funds through the VDHM to empower 500 children through our Program. The funds will be used as follows:
Training delivery: Rs. 4,00,000/-
Program materials: Rs. 50,000/-
Transport and logistics: Rs. 35,000/-
Overheads: Rs. 15,000/-
Total: Rs. 5,00,000/-

Foodshaala Foundation is 80G, 12A and CSR-1 Form compliant.


Help us raise funds for our specific needs.

Enable Children to Eat Healthy Food Our Nutrition Awareness Program empowers children and women with practical knowledge and tools to move towards better health. This has led to increase in intake of balanced meals in urban slums.


A big thank you to all those who have donated on this page.

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Foodshaala Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Delhi NCR, working in the area of food, nutrition and health. Our vision is to ensure a world where every person is able to make healthy food a part of their daily life. We have been moving towards our vision through our engaging and effective nutrition awareness and behaviour change programs for children and women. These programs are tackling the problem of malnutrition caused by poor diets. Through practical knowledge and tools, we are empowering people to take daily steps towards their better health. Our programs have led to increase in diet diversity and reduction in junk food consumption among low-income communities in India.


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