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Support Cancer Patients

CANCER is synonymous with pain, suffering, trauma and huge treatment cost. The disease is associated with much suffering both for the patient and caregivers.

Since 1996, CanSupport’s 27 home care teams, each comprising a doctor, nurse and counsellor, along with 8 Outpatient clinics, including one mobile clinic, provide medical, nursing and psychosocial support to cancer patients battling cancer The support extends to the family and caregivers as well.

We also provide rehabilitation, dry ration and nutrition support to patients who, owing to their illness, cannot earn a living. Many of them are so destitute that they are not in a position to even afford two meals a day.

For those cancer patients undergoing curative treatment, CanSupport runs a Day Care, where our volunteers organize therapeutic and fun activities that give both the patients and their caregivers a much needed break and they are served a nutritional meal at the end of every session.

All our services to cancer patients are free of charge.

We appeal to you to help us raise funds to continue providing support to cancer patients and their caregivers and to expand our circle of care in the community.


Support 1 Day Care session = INR 20000
(Requirement - 8 sessions per month)

Livelihood support to 5 cancer patients = INR 50000
(Requirement for 100 patients)

Pain management (cost of medicines) of 1 cancer patient for 1 month = INR 1500
(Requirement for 600 patients)

Dry ration support to a cancer patient for a month = 2000
(Requirement for 1800 patients)

Cost of 1 home visit to a cancer patient = INR 1300
(Requirement for 5000 patients)

Support a patient’s visit to one of our Outpatient Clinics = INR 650
(Requirement for 1500 patients)

CanSupport is a 80G, 12A and CSR Form 1 compliant organization.
Run for a noble cause - To support Cancer Patients!


Help us raise funds for our specific needs.

Help us alleviate the pain of those battling cancer. Quality of life of cancer patients is deeply eroded by pain. If left untreated, it can affect every aspect of life, leading to severe depression. Help cancer patients live pain free.
Nutrition Support for cancer patients After surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation therapy, extra protein is usually needed to heal tissues and help fight infection. Help us provide nutritional support to those battling cancer.
Rehabilitation Support for women Support us to empower women from poor families, including widows and daughters of deceased cancer patients, by providing them vocational training to equip them to earn and live a dignified life.


A big thank you to all those who have donated on this page.


CanSupport was started by Harmala Gupta, a cancer survivor. It is a group of palliative care experts committed to enabling a caring and supportive society around cancer management. We help patients, families and society at large to work together to maximize the quality of life with cancer in a meaningful and compassionate manner, whilst fully respecting the dignity of the individual.

Our history is long and distinguished and now spans more than 26 years, during which time our contribution to the development of palliative care services can be seen across North India. The support extends even after the death of the patient through bereavement and rehabilitative support to the families.

We follow a patient-centered philosophy, where patient care preferences and goals are central to care provision. Our wide-ranging programs are designed to help patients of all ages and cancers throughout their cancer journey; right from the day of diagnosis, across all curative therapies and as a continuum of care adapting to the unique needs in case cancer progresses into its terminal phase
The organization serves as a source of learning for many individuals and organizations focused on improving the quality of life of people with cancer. While some organizations have drawn their inspiration and early ideas for development from CanSupport, others have been trained in its model of care through capacity building collaborations.

We help to fill a critical gap in services for the care of cancer patients, especially those who are poor or destitute. Our services are aimed at the less privileged and are entirely free of charge.


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