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I am running at Vedanta Delhi Half Marathon 2023 to support the following projects of Support Our Heroes -

(A) Project PITHU To help Non-pensioner Ex-soldiers & their widows over 65 years of age who do not have any source of income, we will deliver Pithu ration kits every month comprising of essentials such as pulses etc.

(B) Project SEHAT It will support health related cost (Doctor Consultation, Medicines, Health Checkups) of needy non pensioner soldiers and their widows who are above 60 years of age.

(C) Project SAKSHAM It will support educational expenses of children of our needy ex-soldiers/ Widows / Needy Disabled Ex-soldiers who are facing challenges in pursuing their education due to lack of funds.


Support Our Heroes
'Support Our Heroes (SOH)" is being run by highly decorated Ex-Defence Officers of all three forces i.e. Army, Navy & Air Force and working as a support system for the families of martyrs, disabled soldiers, needy non-pensioner veterans and their families. These beneficiaries are helped through various projects which are listed below:

a) Project PITHU aims to provide monthly rations for life to destitute and old non-pensioners/their widows
b) Project SAKSHAM aims to support children's education
c) Project SASHAKT aims to financially empower and provide livelihood opportunities to the widows of Ex-servicemen/needy veterans and their dependents
d) Project SEHAT aims to pay health-related costs for destitute and old non-pensioners/their widows
e) Project INSANIYAT aims to provide humanitarian assistance to Soldiers & their families as well as downtrodden people in the society

We have reached 250+ beneficiaries through these projects to bring a renewed sense of belonging, purpose and independence to their lives. SOH is operating PAN India for the Defence Community.


A big thank you to all those who have donated on this page.


Hi My name is Aakriti Bhatnagar. I am an Insolvency Lawyer and Company Secretary


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