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Growing up, I have been exposed to disability issues in depth because of my mother and grandmother. My grandmother was a founding member of AADI and my mother has worked in AADI in different capacities for the last 25 years. My additional understanding of disability comes through the various people with disabilities I love within my family. Over time, as my grandparents have become older, I also see new disabilities forming including the inability to walk and mental illness.

I used to take math tuitions from someone with a disability who worked in AADI; this shows that AADI creates opportunities we earlier thought people with disabilities could have never had. This is simply one way that I know AADI has helped people with disabilities and will continue to do so with more funding.

I take discrimination against people with disabilities extremely seriously and want to do whatever it is that I can to help make the world more accessible specially where discriminatory attitudes are concerned . I know we have a long way to go , but more funds for this AADI means we are moving one step closer to an equal world and one step further away from ableism.

Please donate whatever amount you can. I would appreciate it even if it is a small amount because it would all add up to help people with disabilities!


Action for Ability Development and Inclusion
Started in 1978, as a centre for special education for children with Cerebral Palsy in Delhi, today AADI is an established National level organisation working for the rights of all people with disability.

AADI has been the forerunner in creating service delivery approaches in urban and rural settings; developing a cadre of human resource to directly address the needs of persons with disabilities, spread services in different parts of the country and influence policy and law that addresses the needs of people with disabilities.

AADI pursues the vision of an enabling world in which people with disability are acknowledged as a form of human diversity and are able to live with dignity, make all decisions about life; pursue equal opportunities; belong and contribute to families and communities.

AADI has worked with more than 10,000 people touched by disability/year; has trained 3000 professionals over the years and made significant contributions to the Legislative reforms.

The annual expenditure at AADI is approximately 4 crores. 80% of the recurring expenditure is towards delivering services to people with disability and their families. While 50% of our expenditure is self financed through income from rentals and interests, we require support to raise the balance amount.


A big thank you to all those who have donated on this page.

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