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Hello! I am raising funds for Udayan Ghar Program - which provides small family-like homes for children uprooted from their homes and bereft of parental care and protection. A loving home and family is the right of every child, a family is an anchor for the overall development of a child into a balanced and strong adult.

When a young life is uprooted from its family and home, Udayan Ghar Program steps up to enfold it in its circle of care and protection and provides it an enriched soil to help it take root again and grow into a strong tree as an adult.

Recognizing that each child is unique and requires individual attention, Udayan Ghar’s model of small-family homes is instrumental in improving the overall well-being of the children. This includes their physical health, mental health, emotional stability, and social development.

Our children are enrolled in good schools, provided academic support, and encouraged to take on extra-curricular activities including Sports and Yoga. We work with trained mental health experts to provide counseling support for children. Long-term volunteers called 'Mentor Parents' play the dual role of not only providing guidance and emotional anchor to children but also keeping a close watch on the quality of care provided by caregiving staff.

The Udayan Ghar Program was launched in 1994 and till July 2023, over 1900 children have been nurtured and raised in 14 Udayan Ghars across 4 States of India.

How will your funds be used?

To support a child’s education, school transport, and uniform expenses for 1 month = INR 7,100
To support a child’s education, school transport, and uniform expenses for 1 year = INR 85,000

To support a child’s mental & physical health expenses for 1 month = INR 850
To support a child’s mental & physical health expenses for 1 year = INR 10,000

To support a child's food & nutrition expenses for 1 month = INR 4,500
To support a child's food & nutrition expenses for 1 year = INR 54,000

But, you can support us with whatever amount of your preference - because every rupee helps us provide children with a better future!

Udayan Care is a 80G, 12A and CSR Form 1 compliant organization. So your donation will be eligible for tax relief.


This Vedanta Delhi Half Marathon 2023, let us #RunToProtect #Smilesformiles

Together we run, and Together we care, Udayan Ghar children deserve a share!


Udayan Care
Established in 1994, Udayan Care is a public charitable trust which works in the fields of Child & Youth Care, Education & Empowerment of Girls, Skilling underprivileged Youth & Women, and Advocacy for Alternative Care, Child Rights, and Family Strengthening. Headquartered in New Delhi, It has its presence in 36 cities and 15 states of India. Udayan Care's vision is "Making Young Lives Shine".


A big thank you to all those who have donated on this page.

Pratibha Mehta
Anamika Mehta
Moon Mukherjee
Harish Iyer
Reem Saied
Anindya Ray
Rishabh Zaveri
Rakesh Mattoo
Anjali Hegde
Jagdeep singh Budhiraja
Rosemary Hegde
Rajeev Mahajan


Hello. I am Anjali Hegde and I work with Udayan Care - an NGO with 29 years of standing. The Delhi Half Marathon is an excellent opportunity to raise awareness, resources, and funds and I have decided to raise some funds for Udayan Care - the NGO that works with children and youth.

I appeal to each one of you to be generous and support my cause. We are fortunate to have enjoyed a privileged life, let us 'give back'. Believe me, it is an uplifting feeling!!

My warmest hugs and biggest thank you to each one of you!!


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