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Join me in Empowering the Future of Our Nation
Today, I want to share with you a cause that is close to my heart and has the power to transform not just individual lives but entire communities and our nation as a whole.
As the saying goes, "When you educate a girl child, you educate a community and a village." I firmly believe that the path to a brighter future for our nation lies in empowering and educating underprivileged children, especially the girl child. By doing so, we lay the foundation for a stronger, prosperous and self-reliant India.

For years, I have been dedicated to the cause of the Bharti Foundation, which tirelessly works towards educating underprivileged children across the country. Their mission of creating and supporting programs that bring sustainable changes through education and the use of technology aligns perfectly with my own goal of nation-building from the roots up. These children are the future of our country, and they deserve our support.

I am a passionate advocate for running, not only for its physical and mental benefits but also for its power to shape us into better professionals and, more importantly, compassionate individuals. This year, as I participate in the Delhi Half Marathon, and I am proud to announce that I will be running in support of the Bharti Foundation that has, since inception, empowered and educated nearly 3 million children across 14 states in some of the remotest parts of our country, spanning over 18,700 villages.

I urge each one of you to join me in supporting the Bharti Foundation. Let us act as propellants of change, let us give wings to underprivileged children, and together, we help shape a brighter future for the country.


Bharti Foundation- Philanthropic arm of Bharti Enterprises
Our Story Transforming India – One Village at a Time
Quality education is the hallmark of a great nation, if we wish to see phenomenal changes in the world, we must strive to create an order that supports education and develops it.
With a profound intent and commitment to make a difference, Bharti Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Bharti Enterprises, started its operations in the year 2000, to bring about a transformation in the education arena and thus the living condition of children and youth in rural India. Since its inception, the Foundation has been proactively engaged in formulating and executing education programs at primary, secondary and tertiary levels. All its actions are driven by a necessity and resolve, not only to offer free education to the underprivileged children, but also to create opportunities that enable their holistic development.
Bharti Foundation consistently works to realize its vision, mission and goals in collaboration and partnership with its stakeholders, including government, corporate sector and rural community.


A big thank you to all those who have donated on this page.

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