Varun Elwadhi
10601 Raised Goal 25000


My Appeal:

We take a lot of things for granted in life. Few of them are the physical & mental abilities: Ability to stand, to walk, to run, to hold, to think, to talk, to see, to do what we want.
Let us be thankful to god for granting us these powers.

At the same time, let us empathize with the ones who are not so privileged - AADI has been working with kids, adults, old age people with disabilities for last 45 years. They are creating a world in which people with disabilities are an integral part of society with equal rights to opportunities.
In my 10 years of association with them, I have seen them making a big positive impact in lives of many families, including mine.

I request to everyone out there to support & donate for this noble cause.

Thank you, Cheers!
Varun Elwadhi


Action for Ability Development and Inclusion
Started in 1978, as a centre for special education for children with Cerebral Palsy in Delhi, today AADI is an established National level organisation working for the rights of all people with disability.

AADI has been the forerunner in creating service delivery approaches in urban and rural settings; developing a cadre of human resource to directly address the needs of persons with disabilities, spread services in different parts of the country and influence policy and law that addresses the needs of people with disabilities.

AADI pursues the vision of an enabling world in which people with disability are acknowledged as a form of human diversity and are able to live with dignity, make all decisions about life; pursue equal opportunities; belong and contribute to families and communities.

AADI has worked with more than 10,000 people touched by disability/year; has trained 3000 professionals over the years and made significant contributions to the Legislative reforms.

The annual expenditure at AADI is approximately 4 crores. 80% of the recurring expenditure is towards delivering services to people with disability and their families. While 50% of our expenditure is self financed through income from rentals and interests, we require support to raise the balance amount.


A big thank you to all those who have donated on this page.

Rasika Ghirnikar
Shikha Dhingra
Ankit Gupta
Ajith Kumar MK
Shobhit Jain
Vijay Elwadhi
Shashikant Thakur
Chirag kataria
Shobhit Singh
Pushkar Singh


Hi, I am Varun, an IT professional, started running 3 years ago. This year I am fortunate to add a purpose to my participation. I am running to raise awareness and funds for AADI - An NGO working for making lives of disabled persons better.


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