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Dear friends, I have known Friendicoes for many years and we have adopted many animals from them. They do an incredible work and inspire me every day. There is no end to their financial needs to support helping dogs, cats, horses, donkeys, camels and more on the streets of India. If there is ever an NGO that deserved your support, and with whom you know money will be well allocated, it’s them!


Friendicoes SECA
Friendicoes SECA (Society for the Eradication of Cruelty to Animals) is a Registered Non-profit Charity (Registration no. 10188 under the Societies Registration Act 1860) dedicated to animal welfare and care. We are the oldest animal hospital cum shelter of Delhi (date of registration: April 23, 1979) and have been providing services to the animals of Delhi NCR, and Gurugram, for 44 years through hospitals, animal shelters, mobile clinics and providing dedicated veterinary help and care.

Our mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and care for all abused, sick and injured animals, large and small, left to fend for themselves in the streets. In 2020, even during the raging pandemic, over 30,000 animals received treatment and care at our shelters and in 2021 our footfall exceeded 38,000 animals, most of them unowned street strays or abandoned pets. In 2022 we cared for close to 40,000 animals.

Friendicoes is recognized by the Animal Welfare Board of India, Ministry of Environment and Forests, and accredited by C.A.F, USA, and Give India.


A big thank you to all those who have donated on this page.


I’m Charlotte, French national married to an Indian and in love with India. I’m running for the NGO friendicoes who do incredible work for animals.


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