Tarun Walecha
1200 Raised Goal 110000


I am supporting Maitrayana to help 50 young girls from Delhi go through their economic empowerment journey.

The funds raised through this platform will help 50 girls -

1) Build their further education and career pathways
2) Get exposure to different companies and the employment and growth opportunities they offer
3) Build 21st-century employability skills such as leadership, critical thinking, problem-solving, teamwork, communication, and self-management through the medium of sports
4) Learn conversation English
5) Be digitally literate
6) Receive one-on-one mentoring and guidance
7) Learn CV making, interview preparation, rights at the workplace, and how to look for jobs online and offline
8) Opportunities to enter formal employment in various sectors such as sports, retail and sales, non-for-profits, etc.


Maitrayana’s vision is to works towards a gender equal society in which girls and women can exercise their rights. The Young People’s Initiative (YPI) is a sport for development programme that empowers adolescent girls (10 – 18 year) and young women (19-25 year) in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. Its focus is on providing access to sport and provide safe spaces to develop life and leadership skills so that they can make decisions about their own lives and influence change in their families/communities.

Maitrayana leverages the power of sport to create ecosystems that empower girls and women to fulfil their potential. The pillars of Maitrayana’s work are: 1) enabling leadership in adolescent girls and young women, 2) synergising with parents and communities to enable adolescent girls and young women’s empowerment, 3) creating collaborations with the government, businesses, NGOs that will advance gender equality.

This is the start for a longer intervention to help girls continue their education and build their education, employability and entrepreneurship pathways through the Economic Justice Programme. The YPI has been implemented with 125,000 participants since it’s inception in 2006.


A big thank you to all those who have donated on this page.

Aesam Deen
Sagar Batra


Running as a great equalizer brings so many of us from different walks of life on one platform and unites us. I very strongly believe running can also help us in bridging the social gaps and help us come together and work towards a better future for us all, and create equal opportunities for everyone.


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