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I hope you are as intrigued as I was before I decided to raise funds for the NGO. We see our maids, poor kids on the streets and we often think of doing something for them, but really don't. And that's exactly what this NGO is doing. But they are working specially for girls. Please go through below info, if you are ready to help me raise funds, I will be glad. Do not hesitate to ask me any questions regarding the NGO. Will be more than happy to get on a call and explain more.

Maitrayana foundation : Lets try to understand what they do.

They hold a 10-month Net ball programmed for girls from under privileged families( 10 - 18 years). The main aim is to create a happy and safe environment where a girl can come and play.

Is it for boys and girl both?
No, it’s only for girls.

Why sports?
Because this helps them build their confidence and learn life skills. And technically it release endorphins which brings in the happiness.

Why would any girl come to play Netball?
We call it a safe place, where they come to play, learn about their rights, make new friends and become leaders. We give refreshments too

How does the NGO convince the parents of these family?
Boing doing door to door visits and camps in the society.

What other support do you provide to these girls?
Through our Economic Empowerment program, these girls receive coaching for English speaking and computers. Our coaches are in touch with most alumni and try to provide help as much as possible.

Who are the coaches?
Some are hired from outside, but many are the ones who themselves went through the program and stuck with us for long.

What after the program?
From 19- 25 years , we remain in touch with them and try to help with job hunting. We have been able to successfully help these girls get jobs in companies like Big Basket, Decathlon etc. Of course many of our coaches are the ones who were trainees once.

Help me raise the funds and trying to change one life at time !


Maitrayana’s vision is to works towards a gender equal society in which girls and women can exercise their rights. The Young People’s Initiative (YPI) is a sport for development programme that empowers adolescent girls (10 – 18 year) and young women (19-25 year) in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. Its focus is on providing access to sport and provide safe spaces to develop life and leadership skills so that they can make decisions about their own lives and influence change in their families/communities.

Maitrayana leverages the power of sport to create ecosystems that empower girls and women to fulfil their potential. The pillars of Maitrayana’s work are: 1) enabling leadership in adolescent girls and young women, 2) synergising with parents and communities to enable adolescent girls and young women’s empowerment, 3) creating collaborations with the government, businesses, NGOs that will advance gender equality.

This is the start for a longer intervention to help girls continue their education and build their education, employability and entrepreneurship pathways through the Economic Justice Programme. The YPI has been implemented with 125,000 participants since it’s inception in 2006.


A big thank you to all those who have donated on this page.

Raghav Aggarwal


My name is Minal Gupta, I am a corporate trainer by profession.

I am traveler at heart who want to explore India and the world.

Also running is a passion i dearly follow. It allows me to cover the physical distances which in turn helps me to explore the inner depth of my own true self.

With each passing year of my life, I understand that happiness is to talk with compassion, love and by being kind to others. Or may be by being able to help the needy. Basically, what you sow, sow shall you reap.


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