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Hello my near and dear ones.

UshaKiran is an NGO located in Sector 137, Noida, Uttar Pradesh aimed at educating and empowering the underprivileged children of our society. It aims to enable children from urban slums and other vulnerable communities to live a life of dignity by providing them with quality education. The objective of this organisation is to build the personality of these children in such a way that they become shining examples of knowledge and awareness and are able to apply their education and skills not only to contribute to the society more meaningfully but also to make a difference to their own lives.

Looking forward for your kind support to raise funds for UshaKiran. I am personally associated with UshaKiran for many years and can vouch for the work they have been doing. I have seen the success stories over the years and have seen the hard work whole team puts in for the cause they are working for.

Please donate your chosen amount to Ushakiran and help them create better lives for these children. They have been working towards the goal of "Education for all" for a long time and have helped hundreds of children get quality education.

With changing times and technological advancements, they are working towards following milestones.

1. Developing education structure with help of technology: To achieve this in today’s day and age, they are in constant need of laptops, smart phones etc to ensure that quality education and counselling is provided to children.

2. Procuring a mobile Van: For remote locations, they have a milestone of procuring a mobile van this year which will travel in these areas and implement the concept of “Providing life skills on wheels”. This will enable UshaKiran to cover large distances and provide remedial education and life skills to maximum number of beneficiaries.

3. Improving quality of life: In addition to education, they are also working towards providing basic requirements like warm clothes in winter, healthy food for the children, hygiene products and bicycles for children to commute from their houses to the study centre.

Your donation to this nobel cause on my birthday would be the best birthday gift ever. You can read the impact story covered by VDHM here

I am hopeful to raise decent amount of funds which can be used in betterment of the study centre so that they can continue doing the great work they are doing.

Thank you and lots of gratitude!


Ushakiran began in 2016 and its aim is to enable children from urban slums and other vulnerable communities to live a life of dignity by providing them with quality education and skill development opportunities for their holistic development. It envisions a society where no child is deprived of all-rounded education due to poverty.

UshaKiran appeals to support our project Shiksha & Skilling through Digital Literacy to impact lives in need.

Skilling through Digital Literacy will help us to build and operate a computer lab where 500+ individuals will get hands-on digital literacy and inculcate habits and skills that can help them procure better vocational and livelihood opportunities.

Project Shiksha will help marginalised school children to have education, nutrition and other amenities essential in the formative ages of learning through school.

UshaKiran intends to create a bright future for these deserving children by undertaking a number of initiatives:
- Prepare the children for school admissions
- Provide uniforms, fees, books etc
- Daily remedial classes by subject experts
- Workshops, training, lectures and interactive sessions by experts
- Setting up a Nutri Garden
- Launched an e-library
- Shubharambh project: Underprivileged girls and women of villages were given training in sanitary pad making. These sanitary pads were distributed free of cost among women of farmer communities, housemaids, and cleaning staff of the NOIDA Authority
- Create awareness and worked towards Health, nutrition and sanitation of the children
- Provided bicycles to 150 underprivileged children to commute
- Boost creativity by promoting art & craft, dance, and singing
- Promote sports and physical fitness
- Computer education
- Skill development
- Parents counselling


A big thank you to all those who have donated on this page.

Megha Saxena
Abhishake Verma
Dev Ashish Saxena
Megha (On Behalf of Dhruvesh Ranpura)
Vishal Verma
Smriti Parashar


I am digital marketer by profession with a love for travel and food. I feel very passionate about the saying "Education for all" and want to contribute in my best capacity towards the education of the less fortunate children so that they can make a good life for them and their future generations moving forward.


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