Eashan Kumar
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I am 12-year-old boy, studying in Class 7th. I love music, drawing and playing guitar. I feel world is little too harsh with girls. Protsahan India Foundation is doing a great job in empowering the most vulnerable girls from the community. Many of these girls have become independent. Many of them are now in a position to leave the slums and lead a better quality of life. I have been relishing these stories for so long.

I feel that we should have a gender-equal world, where there is no discrimination based on caste, creed, race or sex, where everyone can live with dignity, and everyone gets an equal opportunity to grow and achieve their dreams. I am participating and volunteering for this cause for promoting girls' empowerment. I urge my friends, their parents, teachers and all adults to come forward and contribute towards this cause. Together, we can bring about a lasting change in the lives of hundreds and thousands of girls and make a positive impact in this world.

So, what are you waiting for? Come forward and support Protsahan in impacting the lives of many more girls in future.


Protsahan India Foundation
Protsahan, a Delhi-based non-profit, focuses on caring, rehabilitating, and reintegrating historically marginalized children and girls who've experienced sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV). We annually support over 81,000 girls in slums, empowering them to break free from begging, child marriage, child labour, and abuse. Through arts-based education and life skills training, we equip them for autonomous and thriving adulthood while strengthening their families' social protection to prevent institutionalization.


A big thank you to all those who have donated on this page.

Jaswant Kaur
Vishal Vashishta
Vaishali Zararia
Vinu S
Kuldeep Singh
Kavita Mathew
Amit Gupta
Gautam Prakash
Mohammad Yusuf
Darshan S
ramesh daswani
Meghla Bhardwaj
Hardev Kaur
Ayodhya Dogra
Jaswant Kaur
Jaswant Kaur
Jaswant Kaur
Jaswant Kaur
Jaswant Kaur
Ravi Pahuja
Deepak sharma
Vikas Bhat
Amandeep Singh
Monica Jaswval
Manish Arora
Dilpreet kaur
Mridula Koshy
Suresh Mathew
Sanjeev Dutta
Sumit Kumar Prasad
Lairikyengbam Zenith Devi
Pradeep Kumar
Niti Behal
Vijay Kumar Sharma
Rabia Khatoon
Santhosh Sundaram


Hey! I am 12-year-old boy, studying in Class 7th at St. Gregorios School. I love music, drawing and playing guitar. God has been very kind with me and my family. We have the best of everything. However, every day I see plethora of inequalities. I believe that it is our responsibility to do our bit in bridging this gap to the extent possible. I find this marathon a big volunteering opportunity for giving back to society to empower girls from the marginalised communities.


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