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Child education holds a special place in my heart. Just as I strive to empower individuals through fitness, I recognize the power of education to transform young lives. As my life took a new trajectory, I began to appreciate the profound impact education can have on shaping the future.

Allow me to introduce you to CRY – Child Rights and You, a 44-year-old non-profit organization that works to create happier childhoods for children in India.
I am raising funds to support education of children in one of Delhi's largest slums. In this community, work is chosen over education due to money struggles. The pandemic has made things tougher, forcing children to drop out of school and become child laborers and exposing them to unfavorable circumstances. This is where you and I can make a difference.

By supporting CRY's Tigri Project, we can rewrite these children's futures:

₹1000 can help a child continue his/ her education through Academic support centers.
₹1200 can enroll a child laborer in a school, paving the way for a brighter future.
₹1500 can support a child through Digital Learning centres teaching essential digital skills.
₹2000 can support STEM education for a child opening doors to endless possibilities.

Join me on this incredible journey by contributing generously. Together, we can create lasting change, enabling these children to dream big and achieve even bigger. Your support can empower these children to script their own tales of triumph.


CRY- Child Rights and You
CRY - Child Rights and You, is one of India's most trusted NGOs, working for underprivileged children since 1979. CRY focuses on education, health, nutrition, and the protection of children. It has a presence in 19 states through 102 projects. We believe in ensuring quality education for children that will help them develop their creative, social, and emotional abilities, so they can reach their truest potential. Last year, through the support of generous donors like you, we ensured that 214,537 children from CRY project areas were in school.
Your contribution to this initiative can help us reach more children and assist them in pursuing their dreams through education. Support us today.


A big thank you to all those who have donated on this page.

Gary Chandy
Vikas Gupta
Rajat Sharma
Avinash Venu
Akshay Gogoi
Sanjay Naphade
Sumit Sahni
Soha Moitra
Deepa Rajesh
Amit Sindhu
Sumedha Bakhshi
Poonam Arora
Priyanka lal
Reema Chopra
Yogesh Sardana
Ankit Dawar
Neeru Gupta


I am Jatin Arora, Founder, and Head Coach at Bootcamp Yellow. My journey has seen me shift from the corporate world after fifteen years of excelling in the hospitality, ITES, and Retail sectors to follow my true passion – fitness. With over 60 half marathons and certifications from ACE USA and IRONMAN, I live by the words of a renowned movement and mobility teacher, "Live life dramatically, move more."


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