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I'm Akbar, hailing from the Trilokpuri community. I'm deeply engaged with this community, and I've had the privilege of closely understanding the day-to-day issues and challenges we face. Witnessing the struggles of women within our community in maintaining their health while prioritizing their family members has been an eye-opening experience. There's a pervasive lack of education surrounding nutrition, impacting individuals across age groups—youth, men, women, and the elderly. This educational void has left them unable to assert their rights to essential nutrition and access existing schemes/ govt. programs.

The absence of awareness about the critical role of nutritional intake, especially for girls and women of reproductive age, has resulted in a prevalent issue of anemia. This not only affects them but has the potential to perpetuate deficiency to the next generation. To combat the specter of malnutrition haunting the children and women of my community, I'm reaching out with an earnest appeal.

I humbly request your support in raising funds for our cause. Here's what we intend to achieve:

1. Empowering Women's Health Education: Our aim is to enlighten women of reproductive age about the profound significance of quality nutrition, benefiting both themselves and their children. Our mission is to encourage a transformation in behavior and attitudes, ensuring they prioritize their own health and challenge prevailing gender norms linked to food consumption.

2. Community Nutrition Hub: We envision establishing a dedicated communal space accessible to women and children alike. Here, they can learn and prepare new, nutritious recipes tailored to their needs. This innovative hub will not only empower the women but also lay the foundation for enhanced brain development among the children.

Your support can be the catalyst for change. By contributing to our cause, you'll be actively involved in transforming the lives of our community members. Together, we can foster healthier generations and break the cycle of malnutrition that has persisted for far too long.

Thank you in advance for considering my appeal. Your involvement can truly make a difference.


Foundation for Equal Citizenship
Foundation for Equal Citizenship (FFEC) is proud to be invited by United Way to participate in the prestigious Vedanta Delhi Half Marathon (VDHM)! We need your support to make this a successful event for us. Please donate, participate or create your own page to raise funds for our cause. Together we can create a better future for children.

FFEC is a grassroots organization that works on empowerment of marginalized communities, particularly children, women and youth. We believe empowering them can bring about significant long term change in their community. This is a holistic approach for an overall development of a child, starting when it is in the womb up to going to college.

We provide knowledge of health and nutrition to women starting with pregnancy. We also work with adolescent girls on menstrual health and on education for children and youth.

Our Kadam Learning Centre runs daily after-school sessions to develop interest in learning, reduce dropout rates, improve Math and reading skills and prepare for board exams.

We work primarily in the slums of Trilokpuri in East Delhi.


A big thank you to all those who have donated on this page.



As a project lead, I collaborate with Foundation for equal citizenship and working closely with communities to tackle education, life skills, and health-related challenges.


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